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Casio SK-1 Ableton Live Pack

Brian Funk
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Casio’s SK-1 is beloved for its quirky sounds and unique additive synthesis feature.

This Ableton Live Pack captures the charm and nostalgic sound of the SK-1. It also combines the SK-1 with the power of Ableotn Live to take the classic sounds into entirely new places.

Whether you want to relive the glory of the SK-1 or see how these sounds will last into the future, the Casio SK-1 Ableton Live Pack is for you!

I sampled all 8 preset sounds and constructed the 11 additive synthesis sounds in the manual. I also recorded all of the rhythms and build the one-shot drum hits into a Drum Rack.

It’s 23 Instrument Racks with 83 Macro Variation Presets. There are also 2 Audio Effect Racks that will give you even more Casio to your sound!

Hear the Casio SK-1 Ableton Live Pack in Action:

Lo-Fi and nostalgia charm galore!

21 Instrument Racks with 4 Macro Presets each for a total of 83 SK1 Presets in Ableton Live!

2 Drum Racks featuring all of the SK1 drum sounds and various noises made when turning switches on and off.

2 Audio Effect Racks to add more SK1 goodness or apply the SK1 sound to any other sound in your collection.

The 11 SK1 Rhythms automatically tempo-synced to your project.

Love it of it's free money-back guarantee!

*Minimum Requirement: Ableton Live 10 Intro and above. Live 11.3 Standard and above for full features.

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Ableton Live 10.1 Intro or Above


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Casio SK-1 Ableton Live Pack

12 ratings
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