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5-Minute Music Producer - Free Sample

Brian Funk
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The 1st 31 of my 365 Music-Making Activities for FREE!

Test drive the 5-Minute Music Producer for free. This download contains the first 31 activities and philosophical takeaways from my book! Give them a shot and watch your creativity and musical output grow!

Includes the first 65 pages of my 629-page book.

Here's all the information about the book:

Become a better music producer and songwriter with 365 short music-making exercises!

Making music is hard, no matter your experience level. We all struggle with writer's block, finding inspiration, and developing ideas. We need to create workflows and habits so we can move forward with our songwriting and music production even when the inevitable challenges present themselves.

The 5-Minute Music Producer contains 365, 5-minute activities designed to jumpstart inspiration, find new ideas, and develop workflows the professionals rely on.

Paperback copy available on Amazon.

It's like having your own music production and songwriting personal trainer pushing you to do your best every day.

The activities contain practical ways to build inspiration, come up with new ideas, and create workflows that help you create and finish new music. Each exercise is followed by a philosophical takeaway to help build a productive mindset to conquer the unending mental and creative challenges all songwriters and music producers face.

The Daily Activities will help you...

  • Make more music.
  • Write better lyrics.
  • Develop solid workflows.
  • Learn techniques for generating ideas.
  • Build systems and habits to fight writer's block.
  • Get you moving when you are stuck.
  • Rely on processes that lead to inspiration.
  • Use songs you love to make your own great songs.
  • Develop your loops into full arrangements.
  • Adopt the work habits of music-making professionals.

Build a Music Making Routine and Discipline

Professional music producers don't wait for inspiration to strike; they have systems and workflows in place that generate inspiration. They don't wait until it "feels right." They keep their ideas handy and have a systemized process for their craft.

The 5 Minute Music Producer will teach you how to develop and organize systems for your making-music craft.

Become a Better Music Producer Through Consistency.

By putting in a little focused work each day, your ideas will bloom into songs, and your songs will bloom into albums and EPs.

Can I Really Become a Better Music Producer in 5 Minutes a Day?

5 minutes is a small enough commitment that it's hard to come up with excuses not to do it. Additionally, there will be plenty of days when the 5-minute exercises get you so inspired and excited that you will keep going! The more you do something the better you will get at it.

The secret to growth is consistency. The 5-Minute Music Producer gives you an entire year of activities and lessons to ensure you stay persistent in the pursuit of your music-making dreams.

The Techniques in this book have been tested and work!

I've been playing and producing music for over 25 years. My experience ranges from playing in bands and solo performances to producing music for myself, my bands, and other artists. I've taught countless students privately, online, and in my Berklee Online courses. The exercises and lessons from this book come from my own experiences as an artist and Ableton Certified Trainer, as well as from hundreds of interviews and discussions I've had with industry professionals hosting the Music Production Podcast.

Make Today the Day You Start Making Music Like a Professional!

Imagine how much further along you will be after one year of focused exercises to improve your skills and workflows. The sooner you start, the sooner you will reach your goals.

The 5-Minute Music Producer teaches you to:

  • Enhance your creativity.
  • Write lyrics for maximum emotional impact.
  • Store your ideas for when inspiration is low.
  • Recognize the elements that make songs great.
  • Develop your own unique musical personality.
  • Defeat Writer's Block.

Start honing your craft today so you can realize your dreams tomorrow.

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5-Minute Music Producer - Free Sample

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